_Safety: Blockchain where smart contracts are stored, using modern cryptography. This means that they are extremely safe and hardly accessed by hackers into the system as well as not changed terms of the smart contract.
_Automation: Smart Contracts self-run on the net without observing, enabling or settling them. This concerns the reliable and security aspect and they are not controlled by anyone as well as accepted to operate automatically without any interference into the said terms.
_Mass copy: All computers linked to the internet on Blockchain have the copy of the contract without constantly copying. Also, data loss is never the concern of posting their data on blockchain.
_Speed: With preeminent infrastructures of blockchain, transactions are processed with super-rapid speed in % per second.
_Cheap price: Because Smart Contract is directly signed between two sides without the input of the third side, so it leads to the significant reduction of fees.
_ Complete accuracy: Hardly have any errors in a Smart Contract. As long as it is exactly tokenized, it will be executed as programmed.

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EF1 is a Defi Platform that allows users to save, loan, borrow and pay Crypto Assets in a global network.