How to control a Dapp

1 min readJun 14, 2021


Dapps work according to 04 criteria mentioned in the beginning part. It means that a Dapp is an open source code software foundation, has been conducted on the decentralized blockchains, has been supplied the fuel by tokens programmed by a protocol/ an algorithm.

Being an open source code software, Dapp really decentralizes because anyone can see and contribute to the source code. It also accelerates the attribute development process of advancing both product’s quality and quantity.

The next step is the decentralization in the software by using the blockchain. Blockchain seems like an eternal ledger of Documents/ makes transactions that anyone can see them anytime.

After all, in order to add records/ make transactions in the ledger, then a token is used to exploit or pre-exploit by using different algorithms or protocols.

So far, commonly used protocols are the Work Proof that Bitcoin uses or a Share Proof that Dash uses.They are used to achieve a consensus or an agreement among all users of a certain Dapp.

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