How to run Token Swap?

As an investor has been holding tokens on the exchange, Token Swaps have occurred without doing anything. Multiple bigger exchanges make token swaps on their platform meanwhile the user only needs to simply create a “new token” at the place of holding an “old token” in their own trading account.
However, if you hold crypto-tokens in your own wallet, the process will be a little bit and depend on each movement of the token in the particular Blockchain project. Broadenly, the owners must register their token by the expiry of swapping to secure your token to be moved to the new Blockchain. This process is known as “mapping”.
For instance, during the movement of EOS Token, the holder must register the address of Ethereum Wallet that they hold EOS token at public key to secure their token to be swapped.
Moreover, some exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex and Kraken are on behalf of Clients to proceed with EOS Token Swap.

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