NFT’s Characteristics

_Uniqueness: The outstanding feature of Non-Fungible Tokens is unique and it is verified on Blockchain.
_Eternity: The NFT’s eternal information and data will be stored into tokens. These information can include messages, images, sounds, signatures or any other data.
_Programmable: NFT is only the lines of code on the blockchain. This means that it is programmed under multiple different features. One of the most outstanding features of NFT so far has had the token-programmed/integrated crypto copyright. It means that an artist will receive his/her copyright money for all following sales of his/her art-works.
_Permissionless: NFT can be used in multiple survival ways on a permissionless Blockchain as Ethereum (Not all NFTs on Ethereum).
_Digital ownership: Anyone who owns NFT in their wallet, will own and control NFT.

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