The advantage of ERC-20 Token.

Fungible ERC-20 Token — each unit is interchangeable. If there is a BinanceAcademyToken, no matter what how the token is, you can exchange with other’s token and of course, there is the same function like cash or gold.
ERC-20 Token is highly variable and can be customized in a wide variety of applications. They can be used to be currency game, loyalty program rewards point, digital collectible products or even art works and property rights.
The popularity of ERC-20 token in a crypto -currency industry is a compelling reason to use it as a blueprint. There are many exchanges, wallets and smart contracts to support to issue new tokens. Moreover, the support of developers and documentations is diverse.

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EF1 is a Defi Platform that allows users to save, loan, borrow and pay Crypto Assets in a global network.