The Value of A Smart Contract.

A Smart Contract has some more advantages than existing digital arguments as follows:

_Security: Running a contract in the base of the decentralized infrastructure secures no central points to be attacked, no centralized middle-man to be lubricated and no mechanism for either parties or the central administrator to fake the result.

_Reliability: The logic of contract is proceeded and verified back-up by the independent nodes that the user has a strong anti-manipulation and network’s uptime ensures that the contract will be conducted on time as its terms.

_Fairness: Using the P2P-based decentralized network to store and execute the argument’s terms, reduce the unfairness and value extraction from the central middleman to make profits.

_Efficiency: Automate the supplement processes of the argument (Margin Trading, maintenance, execution and resolution). It means that parties do not need to wait for entering data by the manual, executing the obligation of a partner or a middle-man to resolve the transaction.

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